What area do you service?
Currently we are limited to the Champaign County in IL. However, If possible, we would be willing to work with you. It may include an additional travel cost.

How soon can you come out?
Short answer is, it depends. But mostly it depends on your location. Any response will be within a week currently, but some services are expedited. Namely green to clean, and next day cleaning. 

Can you teach me about my pool?
Yes! we do offer a pool school service that will go over every aspect of your own pool. No need to figure out general advice!

Do you do pool/pump repair?
Sadly this is out of my scope as there are many regulations surrounding many aspects of pool repair. However we will be happy to give you some local recommendations!

Do you charge an hourly rate?
Most of our services are a flat rate, however there are some that will have hourly rates attached. Mainly our green to clean and pool school services.

How long will it take for my pool to clear up?
This one doesnt have a great answer as it all depends. I will say, that much of the work will always depend on your filters functionality. If your filter is working right, it should not take very long.

What Chemical brands do you use?
I don't use a set brand of chemical, I use what i have found works best. And just like you dont rely on one brand of food, I dont rely on a single brand of chemcials. However, if there is a brand you prefer, I will do my best to work with you on using product of your choice.

Can you just use my chemicals?
If you have certain brands you prefer that I don't use, then I will absolutely use those first if you wish. However, I can not guarantee their effectiveness. If your pool has problems due to those chemicals, I am not held responsible. 

Can I get a discount for referring friends?
Absolutely! If you refer a friend I will give a 20% discount for the next month of weekly service for the both of you.